About Us

Foothill Montessori School was established in 1973 and continues its success today in helping children reach their full potential. Our school, our staff, our students, reflect the cultural diversity of Irvine, Tustin, North Tustin and Orange communities which we serve.


Montessori Principles that contribute to our success:

    • Movement and learning are closely connected; movement enhances learning.
    • Placing children in mixed age groups, corresponding to planes of development, allows them to relate to children who are both older and younger.
    • Observation of the child reveals the proper timing for presentation of new information and experiences.
    • Attending to sensitive periods of development guides the choice of classroom activities in which a child will be engaged.
    • The classroom experience should build on the desire of the young child to master his or her environment.
    • The use of self-correcting materials allows children to manipulate and explore at their own pace.


Staff: The excellence you’ll find at Foothill Montessori is the result of the strong support and trust of our parents, and the dedication, training, and commitment of our teachers.

Our teachers strive to inspire a child’s curiosity, encourage critical thinking and instill a joy for life-long learning. Our programs for pre-K and K –Grade 3 age children are conducted in a warm, loving, nurturing environment, where Montessori teachers invest in your child. All children are gently encouraged to solve problems themselves with a teacher serving as a mediator.

Classrooms: Pre-K (2-5 years) We offer classrooms that are carefully created and painstakingly prepared environments where every element of the curriculum, the materials, and the classrooms are designed to engage the young learner: the materials are child sized and the equipment is laid out in an orderly fashion on low shelves that are accessible for children. This allows the child to become independent. Our equipment is aesthetically pleasing and is meticulously cared for which encourages the children to take care of it too.

The curriculum at Foothill Montessori is divided into four main areas. Practical life area not only gives the child the opportunity to practice life skills but also helps them develop concentration and coordination of mind and body. The sensorial materials capitalize on the fact that the children use their senses to learn. Through these materials they learn to order and classify the physical properties of the world. The materials for mathematics for example help children learn and understand the concepts by using concrete materials. Children are prepared to write and read from the very beginning through a series of activities that gradually build all the individual skills required.



Kindergartners & Elementary Level: In keeping with the Montessori philosophy, children of different age levels are mixed in the same classroom. While the work done in the Pre-K level is more on an individual basis, as the child gets older, he begins to work in a group. The “work cycle period” gets longer and work becomes more visible to the adults.

As children begin to work in small groups, their progression continues to be determined by each individual child’s development. Additionally, at this level, we incorporate the TUSD curriculum with the Montessori curriculum.

Visit Us: We urge you to call us to schedule a campus visit to observe a Montessori classroom in session and have your enrollment questions answered by the school’s director. This will provide you with a greater understanding of the valuable and positive impact Foothill Montessori can have on your child.

We look forward to sharing in your child’s success.


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