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The Montessori curriculum consists of Practical Life (Foundations for Learning), Sensorial activities (Skills for Learning), Language (Communication Skills), Mathematics (Number Concepts), and Culture (Exploration of the Wider World). Furthermore, a great emphasis is placed in the development of social skills which enable the children to interact with others in a positive and constructive way.

The curriculum at Foothill Montessori is divided into four main areas. Practical life area not only gives the child the opportunity to practice life skills but also helps them develop concentration and coordination of mind and body. The sensorial materials capitalize on the fact that the children use their senses to learn. Through these materials they learn to order and classify the physical properties of the world. The materials for mathematics for example help children learn and understand the concepts by using concrete materials. Children are prepared to write and read from the very beginning through a series of activities that gradually build all the individual skills required.

Our Kindergarten graduates easily achieve public school grade 1-2 level.  Moreover, they acquire a joy of learning, self-control, organization, and time management skills which current research suggests are more highly correlated with school and life success than even IQ.

Grace and courtesy lessons and a daily emphasis on respecting the rights of friends and teachers foster a benevolent environment where pro-social skills emerge naturally.

Our Elementary classroom provides Montessori material to grade 3 level.  We also introduce text books and program of study paralleling that of the Tustin Unified School District.

The new common core standards place great emphasis on preparing our children to thrive in the global market by including the study of diverse cultures in the syllabus.  At our school we have always placed a focused on studying cultures and countries of the world.   Map work and flag work continue to be the favorite activities in our classrooms.


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